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Welcome to Ballywood TakeAway
The Best Indian- Pakistani Food in Antwerpen
Fresh food every time
Chicken dishes
Mutton dishes
Vegetarian dishes
Bread made on the spot in the tandoor
Grilled chicken
Fresh Kebabs


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Bhindi (ladyfingers/ Okra)

 We fry the okra. We fry onion. We fry hot peppers. We add them together in a spicy masala (curry sauce) for your delight

                      We serve them to you with ginger, parsley and cilantro (green coriander leaves)



Chicken tandoori

Chicken legs are marinated in yoghurt, spices and a bit of garlic sauce. We fry them on spikes in the tandoor over, at 500 degrees and serve them to you hot

Ballywood Takeaway opened five years ago. Ever since, we have cooked food with care and dedication for you to enjoy


 Everyone who visits this restaurant is treated as part of the family- we'll only give you fresh food of the best quality and the best advice to meet your needs: you can ask for spicy or less spicy food, for vegetarian or meat only- you name it, we'll bring it to your plate. Our purpose is for you to enjoy our food and the time you spend in here




Our Food

Our food is following the traditional Indian & Pakistani recipes.

Spices are fresh and blended in harmony. Vegetables are carefully picked

The meat is always the best quality we can find, cooked tender and juicy

All for you to enjoy


Indian food uses tens of spices. Garam masala alone incorporates up to 15 spices- and we add even more by the end of the cooking